Keep Rockin'

from my beach in my little village of Walberswick, England

My desk at work is covered in rocks. Pebbles that I've picked up along my journey through life. Some have been given to me as a gift and some I've traded for. A girl I work with said that her little daughter also loves to collect rocks and she was wondering why I like them so much. I guess I'd never really thought too much about it before. I think that when I am worried, stressed or even if I am just thinking I like to have something to hold on to. Something solid, tangible and real. I like having a physical connection to the earth even when dressed up in fancy clothes. I asked my mom and she said it's something we've always done. She would entertain us in the summer by setting us up with a bucket of water, an old toothbrush and some wax paper to shine our rocks. Sometimes the simple things are the greatest.


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