Sleeping with one eye open

Do you ever get the feeling that you many not have entirely washed the shampoo out of your hair? That was me today. So confusing.
Also after nearly 3 years I got a new phone. Which is fun by I dislike having to relearn how to operate things and input all my contacts again. As I was going through, deciding which numbers I no longer needed I cam across my grandma's number. It made me sweetly sad. She died 2 years ago and I never had the heart to take it out of my phone. It was like a little reminder... I miss her.
dec9 2010

This is my version of the lovely Sal from Already Pretty. She posted on outfit with this colour combination and I just loved it! Had to give it a go!
dress & scarf: Joe Fresh (so cheap! so comfy!)
earrings: local craft fair
tights: We Love Colours
shoes: Fly London

Isn't it sad that it was 5:04pm when I took these photos and look how dark it is outside!!


Melissa said…
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I must have missed Sal's post but I love the combo! You look fantastic.

I remember going through my contacts a while back and seeing "Grandma and Grandpa," then realizing that I should probably take "Grandpa" out of's sad.
Allison said…
This is a super fun look - I have to get in on this We Love Colors thing. I'm a fan of Joe Fresh. It makes grocery shopping fun.
My 95 year old grandmother still beats me at Scrabble. I'm sorry your missing your grandma today :(
Bella said…
Just discovered your blog and I had to comment how great this look is! Love the teal tights! I agree with Allison, this makes for a super fun look!
Jen said…
Gorgeous! I'm sure you turned heads with that great ensemble!

My grandma passed away two years ago as well and I couldn't bring myself to remove her from my address book. My phone died recently which is a bummer for so many reasons, but one in particular is because I had recorded phone messages from her. Not voice mails that I can retrieve remotely. Messages from an answering machine that I recorded with my video feature. I think the answering machine still has them. *I hope* After 50 years of living in the States, she still had the strongest Filipino accent which was so cute.
DaniellaBella said…
Family is special, aren't they? My wish is that everyone appreciates who they have in their life whilst they can. Maybe all our grandparents are having tea together and watching us figure out this life thing? I certainly hope so!

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