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Busy busy!
I went to a demo Zumba class right after work and it was GREAT! I love dancing especially to latin music and working out on machines in between was a really good workout. A friend and I have signed up for a different class at the University in January and I can't wait!
dec 15 2010
Then it was off to my parents to have a quick dinner. As a lovely Christmas girl date, my momma took my sister and I to a Wizard of Oz production! They even had a real live Toto! Oh I miss having a puppy!
cardi & dress: Smart Set
tights: ? 
Cartoon Villain shoes: JeffSilverman.com but the colours were picked by me!

At some point during the pictures I realized that it was winter and put a pair of leggings over the tights. And I couldn't decide if the pink scarf should go around my neck or waist. I did a bit of both all day!


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