I really believe that the weeks should always be 4 days and the weekend 3. Much better work-life balance. This weekend seemed busy but it wasn't really. It was all due to my lack of ability to time out my day, thus making me rush around always feeling late. Really must do something about that... Also must remember to brush my hair before taking a picture.

dec 5 2010

One of my favourite things to look forward to each week is Sunday supper with the family. And now that my sister is back in the city everything just seems more right. And when I got home we made hot buttered rum from scratch! Yummo!
Also, I refuse to bend to winter and continue to wear outrageous shoes ... as long as I don't have too far to walk in the snow!
Sweater & leggings: Smart Set
Skirt: Ricki's 
scarf: gift
shoes: Hard Hearted Harlot via ebay


Kinsey said…
You look great! As long as your feet are warm enough, keep rocking the heels! I get comments "Aren't you so cold dear?" and I always think "Maybe a little, but I look great!" I love that bold color, great for the winter where everyone is running to their neutrals!
Diva Putri said…
love your sweater! the colour is soadorable
follow my blog if you dont mind :)

I love how you're rockin' the awkward green, too! Love how it looks with the black!
Beautiful combination of colors!

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