It would be such a shame to turn back now

I got up extra early. Breezed through my morning routine of reading blogs and comics. Got ready. And was still curling my hair and had not yet picked out what to wear when my second alarm went off. My second alarm is the one that tells me that it's time to brush my teeth and get out the door to work.

dec 7 2010

This outfit, I think, was a mistake. I felt weird all day. I've had this top for about a year and only just took the tags off today. I got it for $15 and it was just so pretty but I never know what to do with silky things. It bunched and showed lumps and bumps. My leggings fell down, my skirt fell up. I couldn't decide what to do with the sweater, so I tied and untied it. I was in a constant state of adjusting. And it was unpleasant. Except for the brilliant luster of my self-made sparkle shoes! Oh well... moving on.
cardi & skirt: Joe Fresh
top: Ricki's
leggings: Smart Set
Shoes: Nine West, be-sparkled last month

I discovered the cure to winter today: (no really, I think this is the answer)
Buttered Rum tea
hot-est of water
dark rum
brown sugar
splash of eggnog for good cheer

Holy Mama... yummo!


Kinsey said…
Personally, I think you look great! I hate when outfits aren't comfy or don't stay in place like you want. I can't believe you made those shoes! How did you make them sparkly?
Allison said…
I would have to agreee - you look great! But I know what you mean about feeling uncomfortable all day. I hate that :S
I like the idea of a 2nd alarm. I think I need one of those :)
Melissa said…
My suggestion (for what it's worth, which probably isn't much!): keep the cardigan open, but add a belt just under your bust.

The colors are fantastic together and that's such a pretty blouse! I had those days when I feel like my outfit didn't meet my expectations and I just feel yucky.
DaniellaBella said…
Kinsey: I just mixed some multi coloured glitter with some mod podge and brushed on about 3 coats (drying in between). They're a bit stiff but it doesn't bother me!
Allison: The second alarm was born out of having an internal clock that is at least 10 minutes behind
Melissa: A belt! I never thought of that. I'm sort of new to belts and I a little bit intimidated by them. Maybe that will be a new years resolution! I agree with the sweater being untied. I ended up tying it lower to my waist. That is when I wasn't fiddling with it incessently...
Thanks ladies!!
Louise said…
I do not like those days when I feel 'off' in my outfit! You are so pretty though.

Thank you thank you thank you for the wee recipe! I must try it!

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