Blazing trails

Last night I both went to Zumba class, which seemed more intense and hot than usual. Then I went to a ringette game played with only 7 players and against young, energetic and fit little girls. As we get into the older and non-competitive leagues there aren't enough teams to only play our own age group. So we end of playing girls who are 15 years old. They still take this whole thing seriously and tend to get chippy and snarky. We oldies just want a bit of exercise and something to look forward to in the winter.
feb 8 2011

Anyway, the point is that I was too tired to do much else. And sometimes that is perfect.

So today Every Body Ever Wear is doing blazers. Nearly everyone has this in their closet. I mean, it's a perfect piece of clothing. It can pull together an outfit, give a girl a nice shape, and take summer dresses into winter.
blazer: Ricki's
dress: Gap, on sale ages ago, recently rescued from the To Donate pile
tights: We Love Colours
shoes: Melissa

Kimberly mentioned on her blog a tutorial for no-heat curly hair. All I've ever wanted from life was curliness so I gave it a go. It's a bit flat on top and next time I'd try to comb it with fingers a bit more. But man, it's SO CURLY! See?

Since it was full of curly goodness I also thought I'd try to step up the makeup a bit too. I tried putting some pinkish eyeshadow on wet. I think I kinda like it. The girls at work call this my Party Eyes.

Today I am thankful for smelly but not too smelly soap. I feel like I have been fully aroma-therapized. My entire apartment (and me too!) smells vaguely of pumpkin pie due to the fragrant but not asthma attack-inducing amazing soap I got in my Christmas Stocking! Thanks Santamom!

EDIT: Apparently my images are too big so they don't show up on the Every Body Every Wear site. Grr. I will have to do my best to fix this once I get home from work. Until then... I'm not there...


Alessandra said…
I love how you paired your more serious blazer with a frilly, girl pink dress. Looks great.
Curly girl! I wonder what the technique would do for someone who already has curly hair...

And you've inspired me to go do my own Party Eyes.
DaniellaBella said…
Katie: that would be maximum curly extreme!! I would love that!
laura said…
your curly hair and "party" eyes are delightful! wish my hair was long enough again for me to curl :D
Melissa said…
That's okay, I haven't submitted my blazer pic yet either.

You look awesome! I love the pink and black together.
You look so pretty with curly hair! I love how it goes with the soft look of your dress.
Allison said…
The curls are lovely! Now if only my curls would look like that!
Love that dress - glad that you rescued it from the to donate pile :)
Cara said…
I love the curls and the eyes!
OMG the dress in your polyvore is so perfect! Love the pink stripe in your hair too!

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Anonymous said…
Awwww... you look so cute. I love the mixture of masculine and girly with the bright pink tights. Such a pretty look!
Louise said…
I have that dress and I love it! You look so cute, and I love the punky details you add to each outfit.
Love love your pink locks!
Kirstin Marie said…
I love the blazer over the dress, it's so flattering. Your party eyes make up its awesome! I need to get me some new make up! I'm thinking of heading to MAC soon to stock up...:)

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