Diamonds on the soles of her shoes

You people are the sweetest people on earth, perhaps of all time! Thank you for all the lovely comments yesterday. Wowza!
But I have a confession. Oh boy... So I fully planned on wearing that amazing outfit on Wednesday. I took the pictures the night before so that I could get in an extra 10 minutes of sleep. Clearly that was hubris as I didn't sleep at all. Ok for 1 hour. Too hot, too cold, stomach hurting everything achy. Complain complain. So I got dressed in the most comfortable thing I could imagine and shuffled off to work hoping that I wouldn't faint and freeze over in the park (I didn't). I came home after an hour and went promptly to bed. These photos were taken in the approximately 30 seconds that I was awake today.
BUT I do fully, extra, super plan on wearing the magical outfit of love on Friday! It's just a bit of a switcheroo...

feb 16 2011 2

Waaay less fun, huh? Also way more comfortable and made falling into bed without getting changed that much more comfy.
Beware in one of the following photos I am nearly falling over for real. Tip: Do not stand up too fast.

 This sicky outfit is brought to you by Joe Fresh. 
dress, skirt, leggings, scarf: Joe Fresh
cardi: Ricki's
boots: Gremlin by a brand I can't remember and can no longer make out on their beat up soles

With the remainder of my 30 seconds of awake time I whipped up some Tomato, Leek & Sweet Potato soup with what was in my fridge. And without a recipe no less!

Today I am thankful for the coziness and comfort of my Queen bed. It's perfect and I can't wait to get back in it!


LyddieGal said…
I've done the switcharoo from time to time, and yesterdays outfit was quite awesome.
Hope you get to make up for some lost sleep - those kinds of nights are the worst.
Melissa said…
Oh sweetheart, I'm sorry you still aren't feel well! That's awful. I hope you get some healing rest!
Allison said…
This outfit looks pretty frikken' good for somebody feeling under the weather! I'm going to call it sick-chic and declare that you look cozy and approachable! I'm thinking of declaring tomorrow Fancy Friday and wearing a magical outfit myself ;)
Bella said…
Even a fashionable girl has to rest, lady! Hit the sack and don't wake up until you're fully restored!
Anonymous said…
Get well soon, though I'm impressed you got DRESSED and looked cute when sick. You wouldn't even WANT to see me! haha!
Vanessa said…
I like your layers, here! The neutral tones are great against that pop of color.
I'm dreaming of my bed right now... but I have some more junk TV to watch before I hop in!

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