Valentine's New Hair

Happy Valentine's day pretty people!
I had a brilliant weekend away and am so grateful for that time away. I'll post the outfits while I'm away in a couple of weeks.
feb 14 2011

I got my hair cut today and it feels so much more healthy. So hurrah for that!!

So Valentine's huh... The Gentleman Caller and I aren't really big into gifts and things. Our mini-holiday was our Christmas gift so for Valentine's we're going to make a lovely dinner of steak sandwiches and sweet potatoes.
dress: ricki's
top: Joe Fresh
leggins: Dynamite
over-the-knee boots !!!: Steve Madden

Seriously, these boots are the coolest thing! I feel so badass in them! And it's such a treat because I can rarely find boots that will go over my calves...

Today I'm thankful for good hair stylists that I can trust and make my hair soft and amazing!

Also Christine over at FutureLint is doing a feature on bloggers and tattoos. I'm in the first instalment! Hurrah for tattoos!

EDIT: Oh! I forgot that today is Monday! Which means love yourself even more day by Melissa and Hope. Ok:
1) I like my hair. Especially today when it's all pink and silky. But even when it's not I like how thick it is and that I can tie it in a knot if I need to.
2) I like how much I love looking forward to things. For me that's often the best part, the anticipation. Even though I'm sometimes disappointed I hope that I never lose that excitement
3) I like how I'm quick to laugh. Sometimes things are so annoying, stupid and ridiculous that you just have to laugh.


Melissa said…
I love the way you layered over that dress! You look amazing! And I love your hair, it's so soft and silky looking.
Futurelint said…
I love when boots make me feel badass and those ones are awesome - I'm too scared to try the OTK ones! I love the print on the dress too - it's romantic without being too precious!
geetabix said…
Cool tattoos. The short hair was pretty different in those ones :)
Cara said…
There is nothing better than haircut day!
I too like looking forward to things. Our Valentine's Day is Thursday (we're bad trivia teammates) and all ready I'm counting down how many more sleeps we have!!
Allison said…
Awesome boots!! You are totally badass, of course. Your hair looks great - nothing like a good trim to make things feel healthy!
Glad you had a nice trip!
Bella said…
What a genius way to layer that dress! And those boots are to die for! Sexy! Thank you Steve Madden for making boots for girls with big calves! Now if I could only find me a pair! :)
Anonymous said…
I love your hair too AND I love you can laugh at things. It seems like that's missing sometimes in the world... :)
laura said…
your hair is looking mighty fine there, lady! and that dress is just fab! love the layering you've done with it!
Carol said…
Your hair looks great! And your outfit is super cute! We also don't really celebrate Valentine's Day, but that's because every day is Valentine's day, right? Right. ^_-
Amara said…
I miss you!! And you fantastic new hair! See you soon I hope.
Matt said…
I love the hair! Great outfit too!! And killer boots! (Oh, my wife has that problem with them zipping up too, but I saw another blogger mention this, and with my recent need to get a pair of shoes fixed, we learned that cobblers can stretch out the calves of boots and it's not that expensive!) :)

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