Petite Valise

There are many things running around my head today, nothing at all cohesive or that makes sense. Thoughts about how people hurt each other without even realizing that they are doing something hurtful and that's what hurts worst of all. About how I had a bad dream and can't shake the way that it made me feel even though the contents were ridiculous. About how I just ran the water until it was cold enough to drink when my friend Julie talks about people she knows who don't have enough water. About having this underlying sense of winter malaise. About being frustrated with myself because I'm in a funk and I can't pull myself out and I complain more than my ideal self wants to.

jan 31 2011

But tonight is Zumba class and that is always a good time so hopefully things will start looking up! Count down to mini-holiday will start tomorrow! It's nearly spring! Or at least will be in the next 6 months, probably.
bow top: Ricki's
burgundy leather skirt: Ricki's about 7 years ago
tights: ?
shoes: Aldo

Today I am thankful for my south-facing window at work. When the sun is shining it is outrageously hot and blindingly bright. But, oh, it's so lovely to see a bright and sunny sky!

In trying to be thankful I am noticing things more. And some of what I notice is the annoying stuff too. Like people in a crowded mall at lunch time have no sense of themselves. They will just stop in the middle of an area for no apparent reason, not thinking that the hoards of people behind them might walk into them. Or not moving down the line when they have loads of room and the rest of us are all squished up. Oi.

Ok now to combat that slight annoyance here is another thing to be thankful for: Family dinners! On Sunday we get together and have a lovely time. This week was make your own pizza (with homemade dough) and last was Asian feast (wonton soup, springrolls all homemade). It's fun and beautiful!


geetabix said…
Beautiful outfit - I love the tights!

I know what you mean about people hurting each other without realizing it ... and recognizing after the fact that I've done that too. I just read this article yesterday which made me feel so guilty because I've probably added to the problem at some point. Today I'm firmly resolved not to anymore. Ever!
Kimberly said…
Gimme that skirt - it is gorgeous!!
Melissa said…
Okay first, I love this outfit. The skirt is stunning, the sweater is adorable and those tights are super sexy!

Second, you have to stop creating your "ideal" self. You are who you are and you're special. You ARE ideal. Embrace it.

Then, have a glass of wine and stop worrying. ;)
Looking oh-so sassy there, lady!
Bella said…
That bow top just makes me want to smile! And those tights are sexy, lady! You're not alone in your case of possible winter blues. In my case, I think it has to do with light depravation. It's been too gray and gloomy as of late and I need some sunshine to make me smile again! Lets cross our fingers that our winter blues will soon pass!
DaniellaBella said…
Thanks lovely internetties! It's nice to know that we're all in this thing called life together!
Matt said…
Those tights rock! Fabulous outfit!!! Too cute!! :)

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