Spending time

Overtime hours are best taken on Fridays!
Left work today at 10:30, had a late Thai lunch with a lovely lady. Now I'm sitting listening to music and reading. Best kind of day ever!

feb 4 2011

I had fully planned on wearing this with red tights. But it appears they have been misplaced. Or are in the wash. Or were eaten by my closet. I actually really like how the dark purple tights work against the pattern. I never ever would have tried this if I wasn't reading loads of style blogs and hanging out here a lot!
crazy dress: unknown shop in Dublin in 2006
dark purple tights: Walmart
shoes: Hard Hearted Harlot 
necklace: little shop in England
glasses: Prada

and then I started dancing (I saw a clip of Ellen saying that every job should include dancing)

Today I am thankful for Caesar salad. It is like a full meal, I've never had a bad one so it must be really hard to get wrong and everyone loves it!


Bella said…
Your fun attitude shall keep you forever young and beautiful, lady! That dress is killer gorgeous! There's something undeniable sexy, and charming about a wrap dress. And did I mention how wrap dresses were absolutely made for hour glass figures like yours? :) When do you leave for London if I may ask?
DaniellaBella said…
Oh Miss Bella! Thank you! I'm leaving on Feb 27th... Very exciting!
Cara said…
I've had a bad cesar salad ONCE in my life. It was so strange! We wrote off the restaurant entirely because of that. The croutons were soggy, the bacon was definitely from a spice jar, and I'm pretty sure they had run out of cesar dressing and used mayonaise. Yuck.
laura said…
love the purple tights with the red. and your red lips are fantastic! I am not a big caesar salad girl. something about the dressing just doesn't sit well with me... but if i ask to have it on the side, it just doesn't feel like a REAL caesar salad. weird.
Carol said…
You are just too cute, Daniella! The outfit hits all the right notes. :D
Jan said…
I love how bright and colourful your dress and outfit are! And yes, overtime hours are best taken on a Friday - that makes for the start of an awesome weekend :)
Melissa said…
LOVE it!!! The purple tights and red shoes are PERFECT with that dress!

And, um...I'm probably the one person who doesn't like Caesar salad. More just the dressing since it usually has anchovy paste in it. Blech.
Kirstin Marie said…
You are so cute in your pictures! I love all the different poses and faces you make. This is a really great outfit, I really like all of the colors you put together. It works perfect!


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