Holiday Monday! Hurrah!
feb 19 2011
This weekend we planned to make an appearance at a Prom themed cabaret that a friend was in involved in promoting. That was the plan. Then we went over to a friends house and began watching internet videos and talking about music and learning Shakira's dance moves.  At some point I realized that I'd forgotten the tickets anyway. I couldn't have been more pleased with how the night went. Lots of laughing which is the main purpose in life. Then we walked through the cold to 2 different restaurants before finally finding one that was still serving at midnight! Honestly!
Since I thought that I was going to prom sparkles and tutus was perfectly appropriate. Right?
blazer & sparkle dress: Ricki's 
belt: H&M
square dancing petticoat: Sam's from Decadence Vintage
leggings: Dynamite
OTK boots: Steve Madden

Remember that it's Monday and now's the time to talk about what you like about you. See Melissa and Hope for details!
1) I like the way that I carry myself. A family friend once said that I have poise and I thought that was lovely.
2) I really like my skin. It's very soft and smooth. 
3) I like my general shape... my body goes in a out and that's ok by me!


Melissa said…
Oh my goodness, could you possibly be any cuter?! I don't think you could! :) I'm so glad you had such a fun night despite the change in plans and you looked SO adorable!!!

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Hope said…
I LOVE this! The sparkles and the bow are just so fun! I love your positives, they exude such confidence!
Allison said…
Sparkles and tutus are always appropriate! I like your dancy moves and it sounds like you had a very fun night!
Tiffany said…
I LOVE this!! How freaking fun in this outfit?! Makes me want to find a sparkly top and tutu and twirl all day long. Also, I really like the red in your hair, and you look like you're having a blast in these photos!
Also, yes, lots of laughing is the main purpose in life, I couldnt agree more.
Bella said…
Love those dancing pictures of you! That tutu was made for twirling, girl, so work it! :) I'm so glad you chose laughter! If life has taught me anything it's that you cherish the moments when you can laugh. So good for you!
Futurelint said…
Awesome! That cabaret sounded like fun but sometimes the best nights are the ones that go awry! Love the sparkles!@
laura said…
lovely pictures!
Carol said…
omg, I think I'm going to expire from the fun and cuteness on the spot. I love it!
Matt said…
Awesome outfit!! And the idea of a prom themed cabaret sounds awesome!! (Especially since I could make up for having to wear a tux to my own prom... secret confession: I bought a prom dress on Craigslist not long ago... okay, I wasn't shopping for one, I was trying to sell stuff, but I got distracted by all the clothing for sale and went shopping...). Love the post!! :)

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