They built a statue of us

This week is going by so slowly, probably because I want it to be the weekend and mini-holiday time!
feb 9 2011

I've had this shirt forever. I've nearly given it away 2 times. But it always makes it's way back into my heart.

cardigan & top: Ricki's
jeans: Gap
shoes: Jessica Simpson
stone necklace: craft fair

Today I am thankful for my swelteringly hot office. It makes going outside into the bitter cold sort of a relief. 


Melissa said…
You look fantastic! I love the detail on that top and the skinnies look awesome on you!
Is the top snakeskin patterned? Ow ow ow! And, if not, it's still cool.

The last photo of you is so sweet, and what style o' Gap pants are those so I can scurry out and get m'self some?
Cara said…
Ha ha! My mini break starts today! (Sorry, I had to gloat to someone!! in 3 hours I'm hitting the road and am SO EXCITED!!)

I think this is the first time I've seen you in pants since I stared following you! I knew eventually the weather would get to you! I hear it's finally going to get nice again... let's just hope the roads are good for our travels!
Allison said…
Those jeans are great on you! Hopefully you have a really nice mini holiday :) My week has been zooming by... This morning I thought Wednesday already!? Oy!
Hope said…
Tee hee hee! I love the thought of "cardigans are comfy blazers". That made me smile!!

I love the blue on you and these pants look like they were made for you! :)
Bella said…
There is no way you can give this shirt away! It's too cute! Those jeans fit you wonderfully! Here's hoping you have a fabulous time on your mini holiday! Cheers!
Beautiful jeans on you, it looks very nicely fitted! I also like the polaroids you have all over the blinds and walls because i am a polaroid lover!
Kirstin Marie said…
I see why that shirt has yet to be given looks amazing on you! Love this outfit. Your photos are always so much fun!!

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