Tumblr? Yes... Tumblr

Tonight in the midst of watching Veronica Mars, thinking about booking a room for my England trip, making cups of tea and knitting I had a thought. The thought was this: how am I going to keep everything straight? All the things that I want to remember and all the inspirations, dreams and plans that pop in and out everyday. And the answer came shining through... Tumblr? Huh. I'm not too sure how it works really. But as far as I can tell just like I cut things out and place them in my journal, I can keep internet-y delights in one place and remember where they came from. So there we are. Tumblr. Here we go: Keep Warm (mini thoughts)


Bella said…
You know, I've been curious to discover what Tumblr is all about. Just stopped by yours and I like what I see! Inspiring, eh!
DaniellaBella said…
I didn't really know either. But sometimes I get urges to do something different. Last night it was Tumblr! I'm thinking I'll just use it as a scrapbook of sorts.

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