Every night I dream

Today I've been snacking on seasoned seaweed. A coworker said that it tastes like fish skin but I think that it is a delight! The perfect alternative to crackers or chips: crunchy, salty, spicy!
I spent last night looking for a hostel in London. The one that I usually stay at is unavailable and it primarily for students, and I'm old now... I'm looking for one that is inexpensive (well, by UK standards), close to central London (Covent Garden, Oxford St, Euston St, Picadilly, Kensington) so that I can walk around to pubs, shows, and bookstores on Charingcross Rd and feel like I'm safe and comfortable.

feb 3 2011
I also don't want to stay in a party hostel because I don't fancy drunk people bursting in, falling flat on their face while throwing a full cup of mysterious liquid all over me on the top bunk and then proceeding to vomit in a corner. This really happened in Madrid and it was an awful night! 
But I would like it to have a common room or pub so that I may meet people to do stuff with. You know? I'll have to look again and make a decision tonight. It's only for 4 nights so it's not a big deal but still it's on my mind.

black thermal top: Walmart
dress: Noa Noa
purple tights: We Love Colours
beaded necklace: made by me
shoes: Nine West, sparkled by me

This dress was the first dress that I bought as an adult. I had this idea that dresses didn't look good on my body type (which, obviously, is complete bollocks! Dresses look good on everyone!) and only had skirts. One day I woke up in my single bed, in my little hut that was the staff accomdation at the little pub I worked at, in my little village on the coast of England and all I could think about was buying a dress. I walked through the field and over the bridge to the next village and bought this dress. It has taken me on adventures and taught me that dresses are lovely. And confidence is the lovliest of all. Here's a few other times I'm worn it:
Fancy 5 course dinner in England

Sashaying around Paris

Photoshooting with a friend
Today I am thankful for pictures. When I was trying to find these old picture I went through many many memories. I love photographs!


Katie said…
That last photo is so sassy!

And bravo to you for staying in hostels. I can't do it. Everything in else in my travels can be el cheapo, but I can't do hostels.
laura said…
that dress is sure super pretty!
Cara said…
My fiancé stayed at one in London that he seemed to like, but when I asked him about it he said: "It was tall. And in London. And a hostel," so if I am talking to one of our friends who was with him in the next couple days, I'll be sure to ask what it was!

The dress is pretty fabulous, but I've gotta ask: where do you buy seasoned seaweed???
Bella said…
Your hair looks so lovely short! I love that picture! Oh the excitement of a trip to London! I hope you find an accomodation worthy of your sweet self! One where no one will vomit in the corner of the room. OMG, disgusting!
archives said…
wow! i love seeing all of these pics of you wearit before! love the dark hair on you! :)

oh man....hostels! the first one i stayed at was in madrid, actually. it was my first trip to europe, and we had just checked out of a nice hotel and into a hostel. its was a bit of a shock....i may or may not have shed tears (hehe!).

good luck on your hunt!
archives said…
OH and HELLO - shoes! sparkled by you! i looooove it!
Amara said…
I adore that dress. I was actually thinking about it recently! It will always remind me of our time in Paris because you had it hanging up in the window in our room.
Matt said…
Super cute!! And I still have my first dress I got as an adult (Also... my first dress I got EVER... I was 27! ) And it's always neat to hear about other people's experiences staying in hostels! (I wish the US had more of them...) :)

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