As you are reading this I'm probably wading my way through customs and baggage claim at Heathrow airport. Please please let my luggage have come through!
england 5

I've pre-scheduled some posts for this week because I'm not taking my computer with me on the trip. I have done before but it's one more electronic that I have to be worried about. Since I will be staying in a hostel for the first few days I will either have to carry the laptop with me everywhere or leave it locked in my bag. As I get older I become more paranoid so good old Macley is staying at home.
These outfits are things that I wore throughout February and just didn't post about. Sometimes I'll change into something else if I'm doing a different activity in the evening. Sometimes I look great on a Saturday or Sunday and just don't bother to post due to sheer laziness. So here they are! I also won't be commenting until I get back. I've taken a recovery day off to get used to the idea that my holidays are over and I'm back to work. I imagine I'll spend the whole day going through my reader, catching up with all the delights that I missed.

I wore this to go to Festivale, where we tried different types of beers and food. It was a beautiful night so we walked. It was lovely until some jerk sped up to drive through a puddle, thus soaking us top to toe! Grrr!

Hat & dress: H&M
cardigan: Ricki's
blue tights and rubine tights: We Love Colours
boots: Spring

Cheerio from England!


laura said…
purdee curly hair! and i'm loving the layered tights! have fun on your vaca!
Melissa said…
Jerks are mean! Especially to ruin such an adorable and FUN outfit! You look great!

Hope you have a wonderful trip!

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