The road home

Monday again...
feb 7 2011

I'm meant to have today off as an EDO but I'm working it so that the Gentleman and I can go on a mini-holiday at the end of the week.
top: Smart Set
skirt: Ricki's
tights: We Love Colours
belt: Self-made from childhood dance costume
boots: Fly London

These boots, oh these boots. I loved them as soon as I saw them. I loved the button detail and the mini-wedge. I also know that my shapely calves rarely fit into boots like this. So I visited them everyday for about a week, working up the courage to try them on and be disappointed that they wouldn't fit. The day that I tried them on two burly young men were working in the shop. As I expected they didn't do up all the way. The guys were determined to make them fit so they strung a bit of string through the zipper pull, stood on either side of me and pulled with all their might. They zipped up! So I felt like I had to buy them even though I knew that without these dudes they would never zip up on their own. And, clearly, they don't but I'm so happy that I bought them anyway! I've even had them re-soled so that I can continue to wear them!

Today I am thankful for DVDs and Sidereel. I don't have TV so in order to watch anything it has to be available in these formats. Right now I'm working on Battlestar Galactica (so dramatic and intense!), Veronica Mars (so darkly teen-ish) and Community (so funny! I want to be friends with Abed!)

Also Melissa from A Working Mom's Closet has started Fabulous February where people embrace and encourage positivity within themselves. So here goes: 1) I like my eyeballs. They are nice and big and are a great colour. They can be anywhere from brown to bright green! 2) I love that people come to talk with me about their problems and situations. I like being someone that people can trust and that they know I will truly listen to them.  3) I love that my face is very expressive and full of emotion!


Your waist has a bow tie! I love it.

I also love that your boots have built-in spats, and that you're watching Veronica Mars. Chelsie and I used to have watching marathons in our old house that went on for weeks.
Cara said…
I'm getting very jealous of your tights collection and it took me a minute to realize it's because you get a lot of We Love Colors... I'd figured that shipping to Canada wouldn't be worth while, so I'd never checked it out. Now, I may have to!!
Melissa said…
Yay! You're beautiful and I wish I knew you in real life so I could come talk to you too!

I adore the bright yellow tights so, so much. That belt is awesome, too! You look great!
Franca said…
I'm wearing yellow tights today too! I love your belt, how cool that it's got personal history!
laura said…
omg! yellow tights! they are amazing!!! And that belt, too rad :)
geetabix said…
LOVE the tights and the belt!
Bella said…
I love your immense level of creativity andc how you're able to transform mementos into gorgeous accessories like this belt! Love the bright tights! I have the same problem with boots. Just can't seem to fit my shapely calves into the majority of the ones I try on! :(
Allison said…
Yellow tights and a bow at the waist! Fashion win! The boots are great and I don't blame you for buying them :)
Anonymous said…
Yea! It's nice to "meet" you and read what you love about yourself! I have to say, I LOVE this outfit- "crazy awesome" it what popped into my head! :)
first of all, i LOVE your header, it's so cute! and the polaroids in the background are such a cute set. anyway, you look so cute! you've inspired me to pull out my yellow tights again...:)
Vanessa said…
Gosh, I have the hardest time finding good boots! So glad these worked out for you! I love the all black outfit paired with that fantastic mustard color. And the bow belt - I love when you pull that out.

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