So if you follow me on the Twitter you will have known that over the weekend I purchased a fairy princess skirt. Well ok, it's a square dancing petticoat but I like to wear it as it's own skirt sometimes. And by sometimes I, obviously, mean once to go to the pub for lunch (ok ok I got her to cut off the tags and I wore it out of the store!) since I only acquired this bit of heaven on Sunday.

feb 16 2011

I wanted to make this full skirt even more pouffy and give it extra twirlability! And since it's meant to get cold again I wanted something bright to take advantage of the beautiful sunshine!

sweater & skirt: Smart Set, the skirt is from 2005
tights: Celeste Stein, gift
shoes: Hard Hearted Harlot via ebay
petticoat: Sam's from Decadence Vintage in Edmonton

Today I am thankful for the sidewalks being 78% clear of snow and ice! It makes the walk to work faster as I'm not shuffling like a granny and makes sashaying and strutting that much more effective!


OMG. How amazing are the coloured tights?! The fluffy petticoat does give the skirt a nice oomph and shape. I suppose you can also twirl around prettily!
Is there a limit to how many times I can write "love" in a comment? 26? Okay.

The tights! The sweater! The freakin' petticoat!!! Love love love love love! Please come live near me so we can be friends who share closets.
Melissa said…
LOVE this! How adorable are you?! SO adorable!
Cara said…
I love the tights, but by now I think everyone has said that, too!

The petticoat is awesome, and is making me very excited for mine! I had a wedding dress fitting this weekend, and had them remove the multiple layers of crinoline. There is enough for two, so I'm going to turn them into petticoats and dye them different colours!
laura said…
yay for swish!!! i love the fullness of that skirt. and woman, don't even get me started on the tights!!! they are adorable!
Futurelint said…
Oh goodness - you are just too cute in that last photo! I love that shade of green with your hair and the exaggerated silhouette of the skirt with the new princess crinoline is awesome! You look like so much FUN today!
Allison said…
This is awesome! I love those tights and the bright sweater and full skirt and everything! WIN WIN!
Kirstin Marie said…
YES! I'm so excited you posted this!! Your petticoat/princess skirt is amazing!!!!!!!! I love this outfit, it is so colorful, and your tights are so much fun! Love it!!!
Bella said…
OMG just when I thought your outfits couldn't get more amazing your break out this petticoat and those incredible tights! Work it, lady!
Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh, I'm dying!! You are the most FUN dresser I've seen, seriously. I LOVE those tights and the petticoat adds such a great shape to the skirt. LOVE!
geetabix said…
That outfit is So Much Fun. Wowsers!
sartoriography said…
Fairy princess skirts=YAY!! I wish I had one, especially now, when constant studying has made me feel like there's no more magic left in the world. :)

I love love that sweater. Perhaps you'll give it to me? Yes? Excellent!
Matt said…
This post and outfit is too awesome to not comment on! The tights, the fairy princess skirt, the outfit!! Too fun! (And I'm jealous that you get to strut and sashay to work! ;) )

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