Running through the dark

There are so many things going on right now it seems. Maybe everyone is hoping to fill up the days with something to look forward to as we search for spring. There's Festivale this weekend, where we get to try new and exciting beer and food. There's also a Ceildh, a Celtic festival of music and dancing. Combat Improv is next week and then we're heading to Edmonton on a mini-vacation. The following weekend a friend of mine is helping to organize a caberet with proceeds going to the Food Bank. The theme is Prom 2011 and while high school was a jillion years ago it might be fun to pop in! Then Family Day long weekend! Then I'm headed to England. Thank goodness because even though Feb is the shortest month, it often seems the hardest to deal with.

feb 2 2011

The headache is gone today, thank you so much for all your well wishes. A friend of mine said that a Mexican healer taught her to eat apples with salt to help with headaches. I haven't tried it yet but it's worth a go.
top: Smart Set
jeans & tank top: Joe Fresh
scarf: gift from my sister when she went to Italy
shoes: ? from ebay. Cheap as chips! Like, less than $10 including shipping

Today I'm thankful for Chai Tea. I mean really, it's sweet, it's spicy, it tastes like liquid pumpkin pie! And it comes in all forms: syrup, tea bag, masala spice, frappe, hot, iced! (I only had 3 of those varieties today)


Melissa said…
GOODNESS, you look fantastic in this outfit! Those jeans fit you perfectly and I love those different shades of blues mixed together. Awesome!

I'm glad your headache has gone away!
DaniellaBella said…
Thanks Miss Mel! I think it might be just good posing. I didn't feel as good in this as it looks like I did. I hate when that happens. I'd rather it be the other way around!
#1 - I've just saved this outfit into my Inspiration Folder. It's so simple but striking, and I ALWAYS need good "casual" outfit ideas to keep me from wandering around in my pajamas and fuzzy bunny slippers.

#2 - You upcoming days sound so fun! If I stop by, can I join you all? Or, possibly combine everything and go to prom and get everyone to do improv Irish dancing! Actually, you should just do that anyway.
laura said…
glad that you're feeling better. I can't believe you got those shoes for less than $10! CRAZY!!!

And chai is the best. mmmm. chai.
Allison said…
This is indeed a great outfit. I love the addition of a scarf and that is quite a deal on those shoes! Wow! Your upcoming weeks sound so fun... especially the London part!
Bella said…
Oh girl, hear hear on the being thankful for Chai tea. I could not get through my day without my daily cup! You look sassy in this outfit! Such a great look with all the hues of blue and that scarf is such a pretty accent! And 10 dollar shoes?? I can't even remember when I last found a deal like that. You lucky girl!

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