Science Time

This weekend was brilliant! I had a fabulous time with friends, with my family, with the Gentleman...
3 day weekends should happen all the time. I know lots of people who'd be into this.
This week I feel is going to be busy since I'll be gone next week...

feb 21 2011

Today we went to the Science Centre to run around trying fun things. Usually it's a place that you bring children but not us, oh no. It was super fun and my big achievement was standing on a balance board for 103.6 seconds (apparently the average for women is 2.4 seconds?). Then we went for dinner and the boys played some sort of video game while I happily read my book until it was time to play Wii Party...
That's a good holiday Monday if you ask me!

blazer & skirt: Ricki's
top: Joe Fresh
leggings: Dynamite
OTK boots: Steve Madden

Today I am thankful for the longer days. Walking to work when it's light out is such a joy! Not only is it much less depressing than coming to and from work in the pitch dark but it also makes the chances of me being mugged as I walk through the park slightly less. Hurrah!


Melissa said…
Yay for a less likely chance of being mugged! ;)

Sounds like a super fun Monday, I'm glad you had the day off and had such a good time.

You look beautiful in that bright pink! I love the details on the neckline and the jacket as a topper. You look awesome!

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Futurelint said…
That pink is so pretty with your skin tone and hair! The science museum here is one of my favorite places to go too!
Bella said…
I have to join the other ladies in saying you look great in this shade of pink! Love the pretty detailed neckline. That is one record on the balance beam! I'm certain I couldn't stand on it for more than ten seconds!
Cara said…
I love the outfit! The pink is nice and bright!

I love the Science Centre - it's been a year since I've been there, but I'm intrigued by the maze exhibit that's there now!

Also - is there Trivia this week, with it being Reading Week?
Kirstin Marie said…
Cute! I love science museums/centers! They are always so much fun and there is so much to do! It sounds like you had a fabulous 3 day weekend. I definitely agree, we need more of those!!

I am also glad for longer days, so you have a lesser chance of being mugged. Because that, my friend, is not fun!!

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