Either of us

On Tuesdays that seem like Mondays all I want to do is be comfortable.

feb 22 2011

In related news I've figured out that this is what I'll be wearing on the plane for however many hours it takes for me to get to Toronto, sit in the airport for 4 hours and the fly to London. Comfy, cozy and I don't look like a hobo... I think.

hat & dress: H&M
glasses: Prada
earrings: gift
leggings: Dynamite
OTK boots: Steve Madden

Today I am thankful for having many restaurants close by to my house for when I am too lazy to cook. I walked there and back with my takeout in less than 7 minutes. And, dude, it was gooood...


LyddieGal said…
comfy is always priory for flying,and you don't look like a hobo at all!
Melissa said…
You look incredible! That is such a fun print!

I wish I had places within walking distance for take out. I just end up ordering pizza.

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FutureLint said…
Love the large print on the dress! I am jealous of your trip, I need to get out of MPLS for a while, but I have no vacations planned! Ahhh!
Allison said…
Your travelling outfit kicks my travelling outfit's ass.
I am in love with those boots....
Have a great trip!!! I'm excited for you!!
If you're a hobo, you're the most stylish little hobo I know. But not "The Littlest Hobo," since you're not a German Shepard. Where was I going with this?

Love the dress, and you're now making me jealous that we don't have H&M where I live along with already being jealous we don't have Ricki's. So I continue to live vicariously through you!
Kimberly said…
Seriously, how fantastic is that dress??!! Love it!
Bella said…
This dress is gorgeous! Love the print and if this is travel wear, then you look smashing. Hobo? You've got to be kidding. You look very pulled together, lady!
Anonymous said…
Seriously? I love this dress!!!!! It's amazing and SUCH a great shape!
Vanessa said…
Great outfit for travel! I always wear my biggest footwear on the plane (like boots) so that I have more room in my bag!

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