And then I threw it in the lake

Part of this past long weekend was going for walks to enjoy the sun, mosquitoes and views. We also wanted to see what the flood did (washed out a road completely is the answer).
may 22 2011

I, mostly, just wanted to see how cold the water was. So I scrambled down the rocks, felt the water and heard a "Plop!" beside me. I couldn't believe that the Gentleman Caller was throwing rocks in my general direction. He wasn't. It was my camera falling out of my pocket and into the saltiest lake! I managed to save the memory card and the battery but the expensive part is un-useable.

I go through cameras like crazy. I've dropped two multiple times, and I lost one at the end of my travels that had 800 pictures of 8 countries on it. Absolutely devastating. I need to take better care.
These are the pictures a moment before my mishap.

top: Joe Fresh
shorts: Ricki's
sunnies: Gentleman's backup pair
scarf: ?
shoes: Crocs (I stand by them for perfect walking around shoes!)
flooded house: Abandoned (pre-flood)
rocks: the road that was built up to save the village

And the GC throwing rocks...

Today I'm grateful that I was able to laugh at my own misfortune. There was nothing else to do, really!


Allison said…
Bummer about your camera. I'm not good with electronics. I just put my husband's cell phone through the washing machine. Time for an upgrade!
In other news, I have the exact same crocs and agree with your statement. Love the chic black and white vibe :)
laura said…
Oh NOES!!!! That sucks about your camera! I am super super worried about my electronics that I border paranoid, most times....
the blog of worldly delights
FutureLint said…
I am the same way with cameras! I have friends who lose/break cell phones all the time but I never do that, just cameras! You look very Parisian chic in the stripes and scarf! Those crocs are actually cute, I don't mind the cute ones, just the big bright clogs are ugly (on adults).
Bella said…
Tell me you uploaded some of those 800 pics before you lost the camera, please! I love the backdrop on these photos--it looks just like a painting!
DaniellaBella said…
Bella - nope, I lost all of them! Luckily I was travelling with others but my camera was better so we were taking most pics with mine... I keep hoping they'll show up on "i found your camera" website
iris said…
Maybe you should just have more cameras? Heh ;)
i also have some fashionable crocs! they really are the best! :)

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