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may 9 2011

This is from Monday, in which my week did not turn out ideally. I’m thinking that I must have done something to make Karma angry. A few days ago I got a parking ticket even though I have a residential parking pass that allows me to park on my street. I’m disputing the ticket which involves filling out forms and potentially appearing in traffic court. Yesterday my parents called all giddy with excitement because I had received a letter from the Ministry of Justice that was delivered to their house. Turns out that I’m being summoned for jury duty. The timing of this is terrible as I’m starting my new job in the next few weeks.

blazer, shorts, blouse: Ricki's
tights: H&M
shoes: Anne Michelle
curly hairs: shocking amount of extra time in the morning

When I was in England in March I was lucky to take part it a cool project. I read on a blog that a girl was looking for swimming stories. I sent mine in, thinking absolutely nothing of it. Turns out she works for an ad company that was working on the Speedo campaign. They liked my story and asked my to participate. Serendipitously she was located in London so while I was there I met up with her. Here is the final result (I'm pretty pleased): Unforgettable Swimming Stories 

Today I'm thankful for following hunches. Sometimes magical things are right around the corner if you are brave enough to peek around with a smile and an open heart! 

Title from Swimming by Florence and the Machine


LyddieGal said…
Sorry about the ticket and jury duty - but maybe you wont get selected and the ticket will get thrown away?

I hope your story getting chosen is the start of your karma turning around!
FutureLint said…
That story (and the photo of you with it) is so cute! I've always wanted to see them too!

I love the lace tights with shorts!
Allison said…
Great story! How cool is that!? Ugh, jury duty and parking tickets. Hopefully next week karma will be a little kinder :)
Melissa said…
Aw, jury duty stinks. Hopefully you'll end up not having to go - but YAY for starting your new job soon!!!

And you look adorable too, I love the tights and that color on you!

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Mrs. J said…
Sorry about the parking ticket and jury duty. I hope everything turns around for the good. I love the story and even watched the video. I wish I could experience something that magical in life.

Lovely outfit and cool lace tights
geetabix said…
I so want shorts with lace tights. Beautiful!
Chelsea said…
I couldn't get the video to work on my work computer (we have old ass Internet Explorer, boo!), but your swimming story was BEAUTIFUL and MAGICAL! Wow...

And that sucks about your ticket, I'm you'll not have to pay since you have a solid case. Sucks to have to do all the work for it though. Also, I just did jury duty recently... got called in but not selected. It wasn't too bad... just missed a day of work. I'm sure your new work peeps will understand, they kinda have to, right?

Finally... this outfit is GORGEOUS. Lace tights with long shorts? Loving the combo! You make me want fancy shorts that much more.

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