That same sweet darkness

Oh look at that. Blogger ate, then regurgitated, my post last week. But kept all the comments to himself... Ah well.
sat once

I wore this out a while ago to go to the grocery store with the Gentleman to make a delightful dinner. And, even though I can't remember what it was exactly, I'm sure it was delicious.

scarf: gift
dress: H&M
skirt: Ricki's
jacket: Ricki's
stripey leggings: Joe Fresh
shoes: Camper Twins

I love the little buttons at the ankle.

Today I am grateful for the little things that make things ever so much better. Postcards, flowers, buttons, tea, baking, laughing...


geetabix said…
Cute! Joe Fresh in Regina seems to have an outstanding selection :)
FutureLint said…
I love the bohemian vibe of the outfit, especially with the scarf! Those shoes are adorable!
Allison said…
Most excellent print mixing here! I tried to buy those same leggings but they were out of my size! Mmmm delicious dinners...
Anonymous said…
Yeah blogger didn't enjoy the post so it spit them back At least the comments were yummy.

Cute outfit and I love when people mix prints or colors. :)
Bella said…
I love everything about this outfit! This dress is just gorgeous! I have yet to visit H&M and come across anything that remotely looks this nice! Those shoes should be on my feet, they're so adorable! I'm thinking you have to come and teach me how to dress! I absolutely love your style! :)

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