The sound of water

Today was the annual street fair for the Cathedral Village Arts Festival. The weather was uncooperative but that's, statistically, not unusual for this weekend. They block off a bunch of streets in a cool little neighbourhood for performances, artists and community booths. They also have interesting food vendors. My fam and I shared some African food, Filipino noodles and spring rolls, a Mediterranean hotdog, and mini donuts. I love going to see all the interesting arts and crafts but also to watch the people going by. If it were nicer out I would have been happy to sit on the sidewalk all afternoon taking it all in.
may 28 2011

I purchased this awesome octopus necklace that reminds me of Katie (especially as she was just talking about dressing like Ursula).

jacket & cardigan: Ricki's
scarf: University Book Store
necklace & earrings: street fair
dress: Smart Set
tights: H&M
boots: Spring

I felt so powerful and partially badass in this outfit. I think it was the short skirt, sassy leggings and combat boots. Maybe my wild mop helped as well.

Today I'm thankful for the tiny rays of sunshine that struggled valiantly to peek through the gloomy clouds today. I appreciate you all the more when you're unexpected! Also I'm thankful for the use of the Gentleman Caller's nicey nice camera until I source out a new one. I just have to learn how to use it...


Bella said…
And you look bad ass in this outfit! :) Love the sassy tights, lady! But then, you know I'm a fan of every single pair of tights you wear! That festival sounds like so much fun! I love perusing the arts and crafts stalls, but like you mention, the people watching is also fun! I'm glad you had fun!
laura said…
Oh man, I love the mix of delicate tights with combat boots! And, I really really LOVE that octopus necklace! It's soooo cute! I am a huge fan of octopi!
LyddieGal said…
The festival sounds like it's a lot of fun - sorry the weather was being less than agreeable. Always a bummer when it's so close to summer!

Love your octopus necklace - it's great!

Chic on the Cheap
Megan Mae said…
Those are some awesome tights! I love your pink hair!
Lady, I HAVE that necklace! We're necklace twins! Those tights are phenomenal, and I looooove the combat boots.
Cara said…
I need to start checking my calendar before I leave town - I've always been away when the festival is on! At least it wasn't any sunnier where I was!

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