Calling me home

Today I wore 3 pairs of shoes. What? That's normal right?
may 26 2011

One for walkin', one for prancin', one for romancin'. The romancin' part was going for Indian food and Slush Puppies. Cherry with extra Shocker is the way to go, and as an added bonus... lipstick colouring!

jacket: Ricki's
dress: Smart Set
leggings: H&M
scarf: gift
earrings: art fair
belt: made from childhood dance costume
shoes: Aldo
Slush Puppy: Grab Bag Confectionary

Today I'm thankful that even though I worked in the evening it didn't seem like an overly long day.


Allison said…
3 pairs of shoes in 1 day is TOTALLY normal. At least I hope so ;)
I love your fancy tights and accessorizing with a Slush Puppy is genius.
FutureLint said…
Oh gosh, I haven't had a slushie in forever (my problem is I like blue, which as not as good of a lipstick color!) Your jacket is super cool and I love your DIY belt! I usually wear at least two pairs of shoes every day so three seems reasonable to me!
laura said…
Totally normal, my dear. I mean, sometimes, I even carry along two spare pairs, just in case :) kidding. not really...

I love that belt! I can't believe you didn't purchase it ready-made!
Vanessa said…
I am so terrible about switching up shoes for comfort/venue/practicality. Usually I start out the day in the cutest, highest pair of heels and then end up hobbling home in pain. Way to be practical and adorable!

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