I will sing a new song

This outfit is nothing special. I didn't feel particularly good or even comfortable. I felt cold mostly, and gloomy. It's been rainy and overcast and that makes me tired...
Even though our winters are bitterly cold at least there is sun. I think I would rather have -40 and sunny than -15 and cloudy for 6 months....
may 31, 2011

But more importantly today I'm on way to drive to a city about 8ish hours away to go to a U2 concert!! I sort of forgot about it because this was rescheduled from a year ago when something happen to Bono. We'll be driving all day today, the concert is tonight and then driving back tomorrow just in time for a busy weekend!

I saw U2 in Montreal in 2004. I got a scalped ticket and sat away from my friends. The scalper was late so we missed the beginning of the opening act which was Arcade Fire so super disappointing! The show was fantastic though and the best bit was as everyone was walking down the stairs to leave people started singing "40". It was so beautiful because everyone from different places and background were together for one reason and were happy just to be where they were!

hat: H&M
necklace: arts fair
cardigan, top, jacket: Ricki's
jeans: Joe Fresh
scarf: Book & Brier where I used to work
shoes: Aldo
purple carpet: yoga mat c/o laziness

Today I am so so so thankful for music! Most of my memories are associated with a song, music can tie you to a person, place or feeling. How lucky we are to be able to know and love so many different kinds of music! OH! And also thankful for NEW CAMERA!


Allison said…
Have fun at the concert! Sounds like a fun road trip/musical adventure! I actually really like this outfit... laid back and chic!
Melissa said…
You look adorable, even if you didn't feel cute or comfy!

Hope you had a fabulous time!

Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet
Enjoy the concert! I can't wait to see them on Saturday. Super excited. And I think your outfit is really cute.
Cara said…
I love the outfit! It looks comfy and colourful!!
Kirstin Marie said…
Thats the beauty of music! I love concerts & music festivals. They are so much fun. I love your outfit! You look awesome. I LOVE your jacket.


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