Chasing you down

My city is always stupidly, painfully, shockingly windy. I have been blown backward or nearly over in my heels...
may 16 2011

Yesterday, though?

I felt like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. But with considerably more grit in my teeth and eyes.

cardigan and dress: Ricki's 
tights: Target
shoes: Fava Fly London (I have been searching ebay to try to find another pair all to no avail)
necklace: shop in Madrid
earrings: local craft fair

The wind was even coming through the window (or I was turning fast... I don't remember)

And today walking home I fully and completely flashed the dude walking behind me. Note to self full skirts and full on wind do not mix. Or at the very least wear bigger knickers!

Today I am thankful for these amazing leggings! They are super opaque and really comfy!


Cara said…
I always assumed "the prairies" were windy. Turns out Regina is windy... everywhere else is just a little breezy!!
Gah, annoying wind! I have to time when I take outdoor photos because there's a good six hours of each day (right in prime photo-taking time, too) when the wind is insane! And I blame the prairie, because the wind is coming from thataway. You really should do something about that...

On other notes, I love and covet that dress, as usual.
Allison said…
Ah wind! It's not so windy where I live now, but I grew up in Newfoundland and it's never NOT windy there.
In other news, I love your red dress and those shoes are KILLER!!
FutureLint said…
Those shoes are so cool and perfect with the dress! It's windy a lot here too and I have flashed many of the homeless gentleman I pass on my daily lunchtime walks... it will probably happen today as I am wearing a circle skirt and I always forget to put my biking shorts back on!
Anonymous said…
Windy days are the best you can barely keep your dress down and it tends to mess your hair up. I dislike you wind! lol

Cute outfit and I love your shoes as usual!! ;)
geetabix said…
That dress is such a great pink. I hear you on the blowing dust and grit - yuck! Not a good time of year for contact lens wearers in Edmonton, but at least ours is (fingers crossed) just a visiting wind.
Lisa said…
hahaha! i have most definitely flashed many an unsuspecting person, no thanks to a full skirt and a good gust of wind! sheesh. :/
Anonymous said…
That's a great, timeless dress! Looks like it was made for you! :D

Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

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