Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chasing you down

My city is always stupidly, painfully, shockingly windy. I have been blown backward or nearly over in my heels...
may 16 2011

Yesterday, though?

I felt like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. But with considerably more grit in my teeth and eyes.

cardigan and dress: Ricki's 
tights: Target
shoes: Fava Fly London (I have been searching ebay to try to find another pair all to no avail)
necklace: shop in Madrid
earrings: local craft fair

The wind was even coming through the window (or I was turning fast... I don't remember)

And today walking home I fully and completely flashed the dude walking behind me. Note to self full skirts and full on wind do not mix. Or at the very least wear bigger knickers!

Today I am thankful for these amazing leggings! They are super opaque and really comfy!


Cara said...

I always assumed "the prairies" were windy. Turns out Regina is windy... everywhere else is just a little breezy!!

Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous said...

Gah, annoying wind! I have to time when I take outdoor photos because there's a good six hours of each day (right in prime photo-taking time, too) when the wind is insane! And I blame the prairie, because the wind is coming from thataway. You really should do something about that...

On other notes, I love and covet that dress, as usual.

Allison said...

Ah wind! It's not so windy where I live now, but I grew up in Newfoundland and it's never NOT windy there.
In other news, I love your red dress and those shoes are KILLER!!

FutureLint said...

Those shoes are so cool and perfect with the dress! It's windy a lot here too and I have flashed many of the homeless gentleman I pass on my daily lunchtime walks... it will probably happen today as I am wearing a circle skirt and I always forget to put my biking shorts back on!

Mrs. J said...

Windy days are the best you can barely keep your dress down and it tends to mess your hair up. I dislike you wind! lol

Cute outfit and I love your shoes as usual!! ;)

geetabix said...

That dress is such a great pink. I hear you on the blowing dust and grit - yuck! Not a good time of year for contact lens wearers in Edmonton, but at least ours is (fingers crossed) just a visiting wind.

Lisa said...

hahaha! i have most definitely flashed many an unsuspecting person, no thanks to a full skirt and a good gust of wind! sheesh. :/

Eclectic Flair said...

That's a great, timeless dress! Looks like it was made for you! :D

Lidi @ Eclectic Flair