I feel like going home, but at the same time I don't

This last week I've been in a bit of a slump style-wise. I haven't been taking pictures. I don't  really like anything I have or how it looks on my body. I've started a new/old job. I'm working at a place that I hated once and that nearly broke me. I'm only doing temp admin stuff so it's none of the stressful parts that I hated. It's some money and it lets me talk to actual people. They are happy to have me and have basically said that the job is mine as long as I want it and that they'll accommodate me if I have to go on interviews and such, so that's a pretty good deal.
may 1 2011

Last time I worked there the dress code was pretty strictly business. The suits I have are old and I don't want to buy new ones. I know that Melissa is able to look professional and still like herself which is super inspiring. I just have this really infantile need to rebel when someone tells me what I can and cannot wear. The manager is only there once a week and seems more relaxed than the last one... I guess I'll just carry on being who I am until I'm told otherwise. My mom always said that it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission. All that being said, I really really really miss my pink hair. Do you think that dying a streak again would be pushing my luck?

Here are pictures from Sunday night, coming home from family dinner, sans makeup, hair drying in a bun...
dress & top: Joe Fresh
shoes: Camper Twins
bag: gift from Spain
strawberries: dessert

Today I am thankful that the water in the city lake is receding a bit. It's flooded over and has made walking around the lake pretty impossible or at least soggy:

Title: Black Cab by Jens Lekman


geetabix said…
Eep, hate jobs that have that fake power over you. Kind of have to say to yourself constantly "this is not my life, it's just how I get a paycheque." Thanks for the Twitter add btw!
Bella said…
Aw, I miss your pink streak! It's part of your fun, vivacious, and cute personality! Why not follow your philosophy and put it back in? If they say something, you can always remove it, but it's worth a try. Don't you think?
Melissa said…
You're sweet. :)

What would they do if you added the streak? Would they tell you not to come back, or would they just ask you to take it out? If you're sure you won't get fired, I say do it and see what happens, especially since there's a more relaxed manager now.

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laura said…
I'm glad that your old job seems more accommodating, and I would probably ask first before I dyed my hair. But oh, I miss your pink streak!
LyddieGal said…
Sorry you've been feeling uninspired; but i hope that changes soon!

love the striped top!

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Mrs. J said…
Hopefully your inspiration comes back! I miss your bright colors!! :)

Love the maxi dress.

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