From miles (kilometres) around

Today I was happily going about my mind-numbingly boring data-entry business...

When Access said that I could no longer save anything as I wasn't connected to the Network because the cable wasn't plugged in (even though it was). And I closed the program to see if I could sort of the Network issue and then no one could ever open the database again! GRRRR.

may 18 2011

Luckily I had saved a copy onto the desktop so I only lost 4 1/2 hours of work. Good thing I'm being paid hourly!
dress: Joe Fresh
scarf: ?
leggings from hell: Target
shoes: Camper
earrings: local craft fair
necklace: gift, from Cuba

While these leggings look cool they nearly caused me to murder something as they slid down all day, even when I was sitting still! Perhaps all my leggings annoyance was misdirected towards the database, which caused it's subsequent meltdown? If only I could use my powers for good!

Today I'm thankful for veggies and dip. After eating out all weekend and eating very poorly my veggies have helped me to feel human again...


Did you go and up and break the internet? For shame! At least it was only 4.5 hours of work. Our blog was hacked this morning and we thought we'd lost 1.5 years.

So is Target in Canada now? I need to know these things in case I move there. And now, thanks to you, I know which leggings to avoid!
LyddieGal said…
oh no, i hate it when all your hard work gets lost!
But, as long as you are paid the same, i guess it's all good.

Love your pretty scarf!

Chic on the Cheap
El said…
Oh, those network issues! Good thing you saved a copy! Beautiful scarf, by the way :)

DaniellaBella said…
Thanks for the network understanding Lydia & El!
Katie, there isn't a Target in Canada yet, as far as I know. I went to North Dakota on the weekend and came away with a few things! I can't believe that about your blog!!! How does something like that happen!!!
Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear about the computer meltdown, but hooray for hourly pay.
I really love the print in that scarf.

Cute outfit! :)
blorange dice said…
haha yes, veggies are good for making someone feel human. that's such a cute black dress, by the way! and i love your fun, pink hair (:

access sucks! i hate it. i'm not surprised it crashed haha (i only hate it because i'm inexperienced and feel much more comfortable using excel or something)
hillary said…
That is why I wear a second pair of undies over my tights because I GO MENTAL when they fall down all day.

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