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Friday!! Eee! It's May Long and I've been waiting FOREVER!
may 19 2011

The Gentleman Caller and I are heading out to his cottage which on an interesting lake. So interesting, in fact, that today you get a little bit o'trivia: "Fed by underground springs, the shallow saline lake lies deep in a glacial-carved valley. The lake is 91% pure water, but has a specific gravity 10% higher than regular water due to a higher concentration of dissolved salts and minerals." - from the website. It will still be too cold to go swimming (unless I'm brave enough to do a penguin dip) but we might bob around in the spa and go to the drive-in and bbq some steaks! Weekend with a cute boy!!!!!

dress: Bettie Page from Retrovise
earrings: craft fair
shoes: Fly London

Also it's Blog Annoyances for FBFF

So this is what annoys me about blogs:
1) I get a little tired of blogs that look a little too perfect. You know the type. Completely photoshopped pictures and a seemingly perfect life. No one's life or skin is that perfect and, you know what? That's perfectly ok!

2) I read blogs through Bloglovin. And sometimes when I go to comment on certain blogs it takes me out of Bloglovin' entirely and I have to push the back button a zillion times just to get back to where I came from. I have no idea if my blog does this and for that I'm sorry.

3) The word verification... Man, it just takes me out of the moment. I remember taking English classes in University and one of the Professors was talking about how important editors are. Because they allow you to focus on the story and forget that there are actual sentences that have been constructed. When there is an obvious spelling or grammatical error it just pulls you out of that fantasy in your head and you have to work harder to enjoy the story. That's what word verification does for me. I took mine off and I've received a few spammies but they go straight to the spam box where they are promptly deleted with gusto. (Guess what? Just as I was writing this I got another one! Weird!)  

4) Blogs that exist only to shill me stuff I can't afford and don't want. Shockingly, I'm not made of money and, even if I were, my closet space is VERY limited. I'm curbing my shopping habit day by day. And I understand that there are some products that you just believe in and want to share. I'm all for that. But too many products and too many "I just LOOOOOOVE these..." make me tired. And then I have to have a nap. Maybe it's just if it doesn't feel genuine?

5) Ummm that might be it. Really I like blogs. A lot. I spend a fair amount of the time I used to devote to reading cheap mass market fiction literature,  reading and enjoying blogs. I really really like learning about people, about where they live and what they like and what is important to them. Humans are so interesting and I just want to know everything. Plus, y'all got wicked style, yo...

Happy Long Weekend! I wish for you to have many cuddles and cold drinks on patios in the sweet sun! 

Today I'm thankful for spring. I'm a different person in the summer. I have more energy, I'm more positive and I don't feel the need to crawl into my bed immediately after work everyday (only some. What? I'm weaning myself off naps...)

Title: Set Fire to the Third Bar by Snow Patrol featuring Martha Wainwright... Have you heard this song? It's utterly beautiful and one of my favourites of all time. Swoon away...


Allison said…
You look great. That dress is awesome and I love it with the teal. Your weekend sounds super fun. Yay for long weekends :)
Chelsea said…
I adore that dress on you. Fantastic unusual color, and the shape... my favorite dress shape of life! Too bad there aren't teleporters cause I would so wanna borrow it... oh and with the blues/greens, so lovely.

Also, boy time at a lake with lots of salt and minerals in it sounds lovely! Enjoy :)
Your getaway sounds amazing. Hope you have a blast!

I really enjoyed reading your answers. I think your bloglovin' experience is normal - the same thing always happens to me when I read blogs via that site. I never really considered that it could be a pet peeve until I read this, but you are right. I wonder if they could do something about that (or if I am missing something as well!)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Science makes everything cooler! Have a great long weekend (grumble, grumble, no May 2-4 down here...)

I read through Google Reader, and it's annoying to have to click through to comment. I also really don't like blogspot blogs, because I always have to fill in all my info to comment. Wordpress blogs know who I am and it's so much easier (=lazier)!
P.S. Coincidence, but I live near a place called Watrous (actually, many places. He was a dude who liked naming things after himself) and about two miles away is the best little mountain hippie town called Manitou! Maybe I'll head down there this weekend, and we'll be in the same place...but not...
Kirstin Marie said…
You look lovely in your beautiful dress! It's a great color for you.
I hope you have an amazing weekend lady!! It sounds fantastic.

I hear you with the perfect looking blogs. That bothers me too, because I KNOW my skin is not perfect, and will never look like that.
Kimberlee said…
1,2, & 4 are all great points that I haven't read yet! I don't like unauthentic blogs and ones that are just pretty photos of them in an outfit they were paid to wear. Show me you!
FutureLint said…
Swoon, I love that dress! Your cottage weekend sounds perfect, I hope you have good weather!
How nice to have a getaway. I could totally use one. Also, I really liked your FBFF post. I agree about not having a ton of things to pick on, life's too short and if the content is good, who cares.
laura said…
weekends with cute boys are always the best. I hope mine will actually have time off from work to get to chill with his cute girl! :) and you and i have similar annoyances! too-perfect blogs really get me, sometimes!
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