Paper Doll Project

Suze has organized the Paper Doll project. She spends all sorts of time and energy sorting us all and partnering us up so that we can dress each other like living paper dolls. Wicked, right?

may 11 2011

This outfit was chosen by the ever-stylish Amanda of Color Me Blue! Have you met this girl? Dude, she does lazy girl's guides to fashion! Necessary and really interesting! This whole outfit started with this red leather skirt that I've had for years but really only worn a handful of times. It's so wintery so I asked Amanda to springify it up.

leatherish jacket: Ricki's 
ribbon flower tank: Ricki's
leather skirt: Ricki's
necklace: little shop in Madrid
shoes: Anne Michelle from Strawberry in NYC

I'm so excited about this outfit! I wish I could strut up and down the street (not in a 'lady of the evening way') showing it off. Sadly I did something dumb a couple of nights ago. As I was curled up reading blogs my foot fell asleep. I then stood up, fell a bit and stepped on my underturned frozen foot. I can barely walk today… It seems that once a year a dumb thing happens to me. Last winter I slammed the truck door, not realizing that my be-mittened hand was not yet out of the way. The door actually closed and latched. I had to reach over my writhing body to grasp the door handle! Luckily the mittens softened the blow or I’m sure that I would have broken fingers. In 2008 I was running out the back screen door to let my barking dog in when my ring slid onto the door handle as I was running outside. I was left hanging from the door by my ring as my finger swelled up around the ring and the door handle. Then minutes later as I was nursing my hand, I got a phone call from an employer saying that they weren’t going with my application. I’m proud of how I kept it together. There must be a lesson in all of this… don’t be so hasty? Wear protective gear at all times?

I'm getting off topic... Back to the point, which is this:

Go see Amanda's blog to see how I styled her up!

Paper Doll Project


FutureLint said…
What a fun idea and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that skirt on you! The necklace is perfect with it too! Don't worry, I'm super clumsy sometimes too and it generally happens in front of a lot of people. It's this rom-com stereotype of like Bridget Jones, etc that embarrassing yourself if somehow endearing, but in real life, it is not so cute!
Sal said…
Total love for this entire ensemble. That skirt is super sexy on ya, lady!
Melissa said…
You look super fabulous! That skirt is incredible and I love the shoes too!

Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet
Amanda said…
The outfit looks great! Just put up my post here:
Cara said…
I love the skirt!!

Too bad about the injury... we all have our not-so-coordinated moments!
Anonymous said…
She did a great job and that skirt is hot! You look great!

I hope your foot feels better since I know exactly how you feel. I did the same thing, but my head hit the door instead.
Fabienne Jach said…
Sounds like you need a safety helmet! I think we all have those days, you're not alone. I love, love, love that the skirt matches your hair. I'm so going to wear pink when I put pink in my hair this summer! It looks great:)
The House in the Clouds
Charisse said…
This outfit looks SO fun!!! Sorry to hear about your frozen foot catastrophe!!!
Tierney said…
OH hey girl HEY! That skirt is SO hot. I love it!

Also, maybe this is creepy, but the first thing I thought when I saw your first picture was JEALOUSY. I WANT HER BOOBS.

haha. xoxo

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