Election day

Today Canada voted. And did a terrible job of it. My heart hurts. Canada didn't stand up for change, perhaps because it was too difficult to vote with ones principals and people instead voted strategically.
may 2 2011

Ugh. That is all that I have to say.

Except that for the entire day I wore wedges and then walked home in flats and proceeded to fall up the stairs of my building. Wearing this short skirt. Which I'm pretty sure showed my bum to the world. After that I simply forgot to change my shoes back.

dress: H&M
top: Joe Fresh
tights: H&M
jacket: Ricki's 
shoes: Camper

Today I am thankful that I live in a place that is able to make a choice. Even if it seems like the popular vote never seems to make a difference...


Given the circumstances, mooning the world seems an appropriate choice.

This election is reminding me so much of the 2004 US election. We were all SO SURE there was no way Bush would get reelected, and yet he did. But even though Harper won this one, look at what strides the NDP made! That's incredibly impressive, and maybe Harper will get held in contempt of parliament again soon and there can be another election!
FutureLint said…
Uh oh, with politics the way they are in the United States, I am constantly threatening to move to Canada... but perhaps not? Hmm, maybe Norway?

Your dress is really cute and I love the cheerful ribbon!
geetabix said…
I'm just hoping he doesn't bully his caucus into voting the party line on every last issue. If 15 MPs swing the other way (or better yet, cross the floor and join someone else like Belinda Stronach) some things might be OK.
Anonymous said…
Sorry about the election and the fall. Love your outfit today especially the polka dot dress.
Bella said…
Ouch! I hope you're okay! If it's any consolation, I love the flats! And you own polka dots! This dress is simply fabulous! You look wonderful!

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