Angkor Wat

Ok, Cambodia. You got us. After travelling through South East Asia for over a month we finally got sick. Really sick. Sick for 2 weeks, sick. I don't know if it was something we ate, too much sun, the flu, the slimy water we swam in or a combination of all. Either way, it sucked. 

All my life I've wanted to explore the temples at Angkor Wat. I think it's amazing, beautiful and so old. I was hoping to spend at least one whole day riding a tuk-tuk and walking around ruins and temples. 

The plan did not come to fruition. Even though it was rather early in the morning it was so, so hot already. And it turns out that even though we were feeling heaps better it wasn't enough. 

Look at that face! So ill. 

We were only able to walk about 10 meters before taking a 20 minute rest. I was fully concentrating on not fainting the whole time. What a shame we couldn't really appreciate the wonder and beauty around us. 

Even though we had hired a tuk-tuk for the day and already paid him, we went straight back to the hotel after about an hour. It took over a day of resting to recover from that adventure. 

Today I am thankful that our hotel had air-conditioning, a mini fridge, and a TV with Discovery Channel (and other English channels) since we spent over a week lying in bed there! Sadly there was no hot water so showers were not very relaxing!

We did manage to take a few photos, if you fancy a very abbreviated look at Angkor Wat, Cambodia pop on over to Mind the Ramp


Megan Mae said…
Sounds like a combo hit you! At least you were able to rest up in a relatively comfortable environment. At least you know a place you'd want to go back and explore further now.

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