Dr Fish

Have you heard of Dr. Fish? It's basically where you put your feet into a tank and little fish nibble off your dead skin. I'd always wanted to do it but was a bit scared because, really? I don't like anything with little bones and fish sort of gross me out. 

Oh my goodness it was the funniest thing I've ever experienced! I giggled and wriggled for about 15 minutes! It's so tickle-y! The best part of any day was walking down the street and seeing older ladies trying it and just laughing and laughing as their husbands took photos. 

It was $3 (US) for 30 minutes plus you got a free beer and the guarantee that there were no piranhas in the tank! What a deal! 

I'm not sure I ever need to do it again but I'm so glad that I did. I love love love laughing and that was such a funny thing! I asked the owner if he has to feed the fish as well. He said that on a busy day our foot skin was enough for his little fish! EWWWW!

Today I am so thankful for trying new things, even when they scare you a bit. Totally worth it. 


Style Journey said…
Oh my gosh! I have always wondered about this. It would freak me out but I would so do it! Cute photos :) Heather
LyddieGal said…
that is really too funny! I'd heard of it, but had no idea you could actually go and do it - and for only $3? Ha!

Chic on the Cheap
Jayme and Mendi said…
This looks fun and crazy at the same time! My friend in Tokyo did it and said she laughed through it too!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings
Megan Mae said…
Eeeep!!! I think you are super brave. I fear swimming in natural waters because fish touching me really freaks me out (and I cook/eat fish!)

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