Holiday in Cambodia

Phnom Pehn, Cambodia was my first experience with tuk-tuks and their persistent form of yell-advertising. Saying 'no thank you' literally 150 times a day gets pretty exhausting. The question is if I said no to your buddy beside you, do you really think I'll change my mind in the two steps it takes to get to you? But to be fair, the couple of rides that we had were pretty fun. 

We didn't go into the Royal Palace because I was not dressed appropriately as my shoulders and knees were showing. It wasn't too big of a loss because most of the palace was closed due to the passing of the king. 

When the Gentleman Caller and I went to the Killing Fields someone swapped their shoes with my own (that's a story for another day). These are the shoes I had to buy to replace them. They are both cute and a little bit too much. I miss my plain black ones. 

For more photos of sidewalk haircuts and homegrown gas stations click on Mind the Ramp!

Today I am thankful for hot weather and many options for show buying in the markets. 


Laura Go said…
But at least the flops had strawberries! They're darling.
♥ laura
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