Forbidden city with a moat? Romantic!

Hue is the mid point between North and South Vietnam.  It is an interesting city solely for the fact that for about 150 years it was the imperial capital of the Nguyen Dynasty. And that there was a serious, deadly battle there during the Vietnam war. 

This means that there is an old citadel, walled and be-moated, containing the remains of a forbidden city, reserved only for the royal family (and, you know, their concubines).  

I had planned on taking a lot of photos but the day was grey and rainy. And then this happened:

Seriously. look at those fish and their gaping hungry mouths! Om nom nom! I was fascinated! 

I took so many photos of the fish and these children feeding them that I ran out of battery. And then got caught in the rain. And then got sick. 

Today I am grateful for the colours that can be found in nature. Those fish are a serious orange and it's fabulous!


Megan Mae said…
Oooh beautiful fish! Koi are my absolute favorite of the fish world.

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