Relearning the ropes

Since being home I haven't really put much effort into getting dressed. Partly because it's cold, partly because most of my clothes were frozen solid in storage, and partly because I have no where to go and no one to see.

Jan 17 2013

Today I had an outing! A coffee date!

dress: Viva La Body in Darwin, Australia
tights: ?
shoes: Hard Hearted Harlot
necklace: gift from mamabear

It's only -15C (5 deegrees F) but it's rather chilly outside! I don't know how you outside photo bloggers do it!

Nope. Back inside. 


Today I am thankful for the kind of friends that you can not see for months or years and can just pick it up as if no time has passed. They are rare and blessed!


Cara said…
You're back! Ok, I knew you were back in Canada, but I meant back to outfit posting! And what a look to come back with! You look absolutely amazing!!!!
Style Journey said…
You came out swinging with your first outfit post! This whole outfit is amazing :)
What an adorable dress! It looks wonderful on you!
Megan Mae said…
ADorable adorable dress! Though I have no idea how you stepped outside in that snow! Brr. I'm an outside blogger because it's rarely very cold.

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