Sweet little succulent crab

The Gentleman Caller and I popped down the coast to a smaller beach town called Kep. 
I really liked this lady, sitting alone out on her point. I love that someone has lovingly draped her with fabric. I've seen other photos and her clothing is always different. I wonder who does that?

The beach was lovely. Not white sands but far less crowded. Many children seemed to love being in the water but when we went in it seemed to have a bit of an oily residue. Pleasant to bob around in, not great when you got out of the water and felt a bit slimy. 

We walked down to the Crab Market and sat ourselves down in one of the restaurants jutting out over the sea. We watched the waves roll in and the ladies check on their crab traps. I ordered crab in Kampot pepper sauce. It was incredible! Yet utterly unladylike!

Today I am thankful for seafood. I grew up in a landlocked province and never knew the sea. I always thought I hated eating fish until I moved to the coast of England. Turns out I just never knew how to cook it. It is such a treat to be able to try fresh seafood so affordably when we have to pay a pretty penny for pre-frozen stuff back home. 

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Style Journey said…
You and the Gentleman Caller ate like Kings and Queens on your adventure! Your plate looks amazing :) Heather
Laura Go said…
oh my gosh, I am jealous. I LOVE seafood. I can seriously live my whole life just eating fish if I had to. And squid. And crab. and prawn. OH MY GOSH THE LIST GOES ON. Weird that the water was slimy though...
♥ laura
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Megan Mae said…
Fresh seafood beats the frozen stuff hands down. It's not super easy to get the good stuff where I'm living, but grew up much closer to fish markets and eating lots of tasty seafood. Yum fresh crabs!

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