Charmed, I'm sure

After the madness of some of the other places we had been in Vietnam, Hoi An was a refreshing treat. We arrived at 6am after riding on a overnight  so-called sleeper bus. We were very sleepy and disorientated when we arrived. In classic fashion the bus did not drop us off in the city centre as one might expect but in an area rife with people wanting us to ride on their motos. 


We walked. And on the way met a Vietnamese tailor. She asked us if we were going to get some clothes made (we were) and told us where her shop was. We were a bit wary and extremely weary so we told her that we needed to rest first and we might come later.

After a few hours of gorgeous sleep we walked out of our hotel crossed a street and randomly ran into her again. Thus began the fun of selecting styles and colours and fabrics. The ladies were all so nice and we had such a great time organizing our tailored items.

The Old Town in Hoi An is just so lovely. The colours of the buildings are perfect. It used to be a big port town until the 18th century when the river silted up. It still has so much charm. 

There are certain times of the day that no vehicles are allowed on the streets of the Old Town. This makes for very peaceful walking, sitting and dreaming (and jumping). 

There is a Japanese covered bridge that is a highlight. Apparently you're meant to pay to cross it. I said nuts to that and just circumnavigated it. Which brought me to a leafy garden and the tastiest fresh spring rolls. 

One day we hired bicycles and cycled about 5km out to the ocean. I had forgotten how very much I love cycling for pleasure. It was great fun and also a test in paying attention since traffic lights are something of a suggestion rather than a rule. We made it to the beach and spent the day swimming and playing. 

The Gentleman Caller's suit and my dress were done the day after we got all measured up. How good is that??? So good that I went back and got something else. 

Hoi An was absolutely one of my favourite places in Vietnam because it was so quiet and charming. A good place to relax for a few days. 

For more pretty photos: Mind the Ramp!

Today I'm thankful for the people who have skills that I do not. If I could sew maybe I could make my own clothes all the time. Since I can't (yet), I'm so grateful for those who can. 


Style Journey said…
It looks and sounds like a wonderful place. How fun to bike all the way to the ocean. I bet it was refreshing to swim after a long ride. Your blue dress is gorgeous too! Heather

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