After spending New Year's Eve in a line-up in the Bangkok airport and 28 hours of travel, I AM HOME!

This week

Honestly? I'm so happy to be here. 15 months of not seeing family and friends is far too long. Travelling is hard work. Saying no to 20 thousand tuk-tuk drivers a day is exhausting. Continuous summer is strange and I almost long for a change in season and maybe even, dare I say, snow?

I've been home for 1 day. I've slept for approximately what feels like no time at all. Jet lag is a tricky business.

Now I have to get down to reestablishing a sedentary life. It will be nice to have some stability and not be heaving my massive pack around every two days. But it's also totally overwhelming. I have to find a job and I'm not sure what I want to do. Something that allows me to be creative and dress nicely, ideally. Ideas? Thoughts? Commiserations? Job offers?

I have to sort out where I've put all my clothes and winter boots because, I tell you what, I'm NOT wearing the same 3 dresses that I have been for the last few months.

I have to find a place to live. The Gentleman Caller and I have gone back to our respective parents places. Since we were the only people we talked to for a really long time it's rather nice to have some quiet time but also I miss him. I have to start looking at apartments and putting our names on lists since the vacancy rate in this city is very low.

I have to reconnect with old friends and hopefully make some new ones. It's strange coming back to a life that you had once. It's like nothing has changed but everything has changed. It's hard to find room and figure out where you fit again.

Last week

Maybe this is coming from carrying everything with me and being weighed down by it, but I'm feeling the need to do a huge purge of stuff from my life... I'm genetically programmed to hoard things, especially those that have sentimental value. So we'll see.

I'm excited to get back into reading blogs and posting more. I'd like to do more with the blog and I'd like to dig through my craft room that I never had space for in my mini-apartment and see what kinds of things I can play with... 2013 is full of big changes...


Style Journey said…
Welcome home! I am sure it will be an adjustment period, but you will do fine. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. It's been fun following along on your travels over the last year. Heather
geetabix said…
Wow, sounds so wonderful and overwhelming to be back home. I know the feeling of everything being familiar but off after being away for awhile. Can't imagine 15 months of mostly talking to your boyfriend. Never thought of it like that!
Shybiker said…
Wow! Your travelling was amazing. I look forward to reading more about it here.
Cara said…
woohoo! You've arrived safely! The best part is regardless of all the purging, all of those memories you made will always stay with you!

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