Mekong Delta (slow boat is boating slowly)

Choosing a (very) slow boat to Cambodia is both beautiful and cheap (ish). 

We were lucky enough to get to go on a small boat and wear the classic Vietnamese hat (some of us were more excited than others). 

We paddled our way down a small river, dodging other boats and being reminded to tip our drivers. 

We got on our motorized boat and popped over to the floating market. Boats tie their goods for sale onto very tall poles so that all can see what they are selling. Pineapples seemed abundant. I climbed up onto a pineapple boat to get a better view of the market as a whole. I bought a perfectly peeled pineapple for only about 10 cents. What a delicious bargain!

The journey through the Mekong Delta took 2 days, buses, boats and staying in cities that we didn't even know the name of. 

After a few hours of bumping along the road in a bus we pulled up to a hotel. The door was swung open and the hotel person pointed at about 5 people and told them to get out. We were told to stay on the van. I thought that perhaps we were being taken to another hotel. The bus drove us to a beautiful pagoda on the top of a hill where the buddhas are chill. 

From the top balcony rice fields could be seen in every direction. Apparently the Mekong Delta is the rice bowl of Vietnam. This small area produces over 50% of all the rice in Vietnam. 

For my last meal in Vietnam I ordered Pho soup again. So very delicious and filling. 

The next day we got back on our small boat and travelled down the river to a Cham village. They make the most lovely scarves and sarongs. And liked to dress us up... 

Walking down this rickety bridge to the boat and taking a photo at the same time was a potentially dangerous challenge. 

For more photos of the 2 day journey through the Mekong Delta pop on by to Mind the Ramp.

Today I am thankful to be able to experience a tiny slice of the life that other people in other countries lead. I feel so lucky to have been able to see these things... 


Style Journey said…
That is awesome! Fresh pineapple for 10 cents? Even better :)
Laura Go said…
Hahahahha I love your facial expressions in that second photo! hee heee. What a fantastic adventure! AND the best part? the food! pineapple! pho! yum.
♥ laura
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