Saturday Show & Tell

How was your week, friends?

I spent the week battling jet lag and attempting to catch up on sleep. Being home after being away for 15 months is a strange business. I also went through 10% of my clothes, trying on everything to decide what I could give away. (Also throwing away an embarrassing amount of Leo DiCaprio posters from my youth). What have you been up to?

Nothing to do with anything. Just some Vietnamese shopping

Time to share awesome things:

When I was small my family made a castle/fort out of frozen ice blocks. It was amazing and hard work but what these guys did is incredible! Milk carton ice igloo

I just joined the bandwagon and got an iphone. I now have the same technology as a teenager! Maybe I'm out of the loop but who even knew that iphone gloves were a thing? Lydia and Katy Rose clearly do!

I love hummus more than a friend. Apparently I can make smoothy creamy soft hummus easily with just a little patience.

I don't watch a lot of TV but the shows I do, I love. Can you imagine your favourite shows if they went in the direction of the pilot.

Walking down the street would never be boring again if you stumbled across this interactive sidewalk art

In October I spent some time in Christchurch, NZ. This was the soundtrack. It haunts my good memories and nightmares...

Winona always shares cool things but this song? Made me laugh out loud and bust out of my funk!

Know of any awesome things? Share share!!


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