Saturday Show & Tell

I don't even know what I did this week. Procrastinate I think. I know I need to start looking for work but I've secretly been putting it off because it's exhausting. Need to get on that one!

This image has no home. Can you help?

What have you been up to?

Here are some things that I like a lot:

Melbourne is where my heart is in Australia so if ever anyone does fancy going there, here are some tips of great things to do.

When I was little my grandpa made me a gorgeous dollhouse replicated after our own house. Downside? It is huge. This dollhouse in a 3-ring binder is a perfect solution!

Need a pep-talk?

When the Gentleman Caller and I were in Thailand we watched a lot of this Forever Alone video (I love how the guy awkwardly dances!). But in order to know who she is you have to watch this one first (you really only need the first bit). I think she really seems to enjoy hurdling and has such a great smile!

Megan's having a bloggy birthday party!

Want to become a morning goddess? I sleep in always (if I can). And I love it. But on the days that I wake early and everything is still and magical, I think maybe this is the time we're meant to be up and about.

This is so interesting and a little heart-breaking. Abandoned suitcases of Insane Asylum patients.

What are you into? Sharing is caring!


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