Keys to the Kingdom

I was home for about thirty seconds today.

jan 25 2013

Coffee with grandparents, reading while my mom got her hair cut, lunch with the family, grocery shopping, bottling wine with my dad, drinks with a friend and getting together with a bunch of fine ladies.

dress: tailor made in Vietnam
tank & leggings: Cotton On
boots: Ayla

Today I'm thankful for friends. Wow, I've missed you. 


Style Journey said…
Bottling wine sounds interesting. Does your dad do it for fun or for business? Your dress is gorgeous and such a pretty color too! Heather
Laura Go said…
ooooh bottling wine? That sounds divine! And you know what else is divine? This dress on you! And the boots dress is down a lot! :)
♥ laura
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Cara said…
Aw, I used to bottle wine with my dad, too! (And unbottle it with my mom :D)

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