Maybe tomorrow

It appears that I only get dressed in clothing suitable for public consumption a couple of times a week.

jan 24 2013

I applied for jobs, shook my bum at Zumba and then dominated at trivia. Pretty good day in all. 

tank: Cotton On
skirt: Target
blazer: Ricki's
leggings: Cotton On
boots: Ayla

Today I'm thankful for generosity. Right now I'm living a pretty borrowed life. I'm house-sitting for neighbours for a few months. I'm also lucky enough to borrow my aunt and uncle's car while they spend a week in balmy Panama. 


Style Journey said…
This is such a great look. The red buttons on the blazer are the icing on the cake. So cute!
Kirstin Marie said…
You look amazing, love! You are very lucky to be able to borrow your aunt & uncles car. Hope you are doing well!! XO
Shybiker said…
Very cute outfit. Stylish and chic.
Cara said…
Glad you're still dominating at Trivia!
Laura Go said…
Sounds like a fabooooo day, Danielle! AND YOUR HAIR IS RED! I loves it. I also really love this outfit. That skirt is rockin!
♥ laura
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