Magical Lanterns

Aside from being stupidly pretty, Hoi An is also the town of lanterns. Which just makes it even prettier. 

One night we went for a walk down to the river. People were selling paper lanterns with tealights to set adrift in the river. To bring good luck, to make a wish. Beautiful. 

I look a bit scared but really I was just excited and overwhelmed by all the magic that was going on. 

If I knew that it wouldn't get crushed in the following months of travel I would have bought a few lanterns for home. How amazing would that look in my living room? Or even better in the back yard? Magic every day!

This little boy and his mom were selling lanterns across the street from where we had dinner. He was so cute all dressed in his pyjamas and looking so happy to be part of the evening. 

Today I am so grateful for magic. It really is everywhere, sometimes you have to look hard to find it but sometimes it is there for even the most cynical person to see. Lucky lucky lucky. 


geetabix said…
Definitely magical! Love the photos - thanks for sharing.

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