Building blocks

Sparkly shoes make every day a bit brighter. 

feb 12, 2013

They are also a good way to see if your coworkers are awesome. 

blazer: Ricki's
belt: Le Chateau
dress: made in Vietnam
tights: Ricki's 
shoes: Nine West, sparklated by me

Today I am thankful for a bit of sunshine I can sit by at lunch time. And go outside for photos. 


Style Journey said…
You seriously have the cutest dresses! I love your sparklated shoes :)
geetabix said…
Were your co-workers awesome? I love this outfit too (especially the colours).
Cara said…
So are your coworkers awesome? Is the job awesome? You're leaving too many questions unanswered! :P
Megan Mae said…
Sparklated is the best verb ever.

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