Fruit juice and beaches

I reckon the best thing about being in a tropical area is the fruit. I mean, fresh fruit is everywhere. At least once a day I would have a watermelon smoothie. So refreshing. 

This little juice shop was on the road outside of our hotel/resort. A delicious, fresh fruit shake for less than $1? YES PLEASE!

Our hotel was called Lime n' Soda and was lovely. It had just been redone and all the bungalows looked beautiful. The pool was perfect and right by the bar. The restaurant had a small but delicious menu. 

The beach was small but lovely. We could see longtail boats passing by as the sun set. 

Koh Phangan is well known for it's wild full moon parties where 20, 000 people dance and drink on a beach. We thought that we might want to go just to have a look. Then the day came around and it seemed like a lot of work. And it was close to Christmas and Michael Buble's special was on and seemed like home (and I don't even like him that much). And then there was Russian hockey on the TV. We are Canadians after all so we were sold on staying in a relaxing. Best choice ever. 

For more photos of beaches, coconuts and stories of ridiculous travel, head over to Mind the Ramp.


Style Journey said…
Smoothies for a $1? That is awesome!
Laura Go said…
Can I please please please come with on your next trip? :) I love fresh fruit smoothies! When I was still living in the Philippines, I would always ask for a mango smooothie (didn't matter if it was sour or sweet!) or just drink a coconut. I miss those days!
♥ laura
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