Saturday Show & Tell


The pretty frosty trees on my Friday morning bus journey. 

How was your week? Even though we had Monday off for Family Day the week felt long! Right? And I spent more time watching Netflix and napping on the couch than I did internetting. In that light, on to the links!

Pink leopard print and stripes? Always!

How amazing is this? I might have liked to have seen this when I was younger. I'm glad I've seen this now. We need to be better to each other. We need to teach our children to take better care of each other. No more bullying, ok?

I love abandoned places and these photos are gorgeous.

Bored with doing the usual on a Friday night? Think your way out of a terrifying situation for funsies!

I'm going to make this salad immediately!

Anything cool going on in your world?

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