For the love of cooking (noodles & rice)

I've always liked to cook. But I get easily intimidated by seemingly complicated recipes and food that uses unusual ingredients. In Chiang Mai, Thailand we participated in a day long cooking course.

The teachers took us to a local market where we purchased the produce and ingredients that we needed to make our chosen dishes.

We made 5 dishes plus a curry paste of our choice from scratch. Thai food is so full of layered flavours that it seems like it's far too hard to cook. It's not! It's easy! The longest thing to prepare was chopping all the vegetables. 

We ate everything that we cooked and, my sweet mercy, it was utterly delicious. Also we saved money on eating out that day! (And the next too, still so full!)

We got certificates and recipe books. Many of the items we can't get here in Canada at a regular grocery store. I did just pop by my local Asian market and found some things dried and some frozen! I'll be making some Thai food in the near future!

My favourite of the day was pad thai that I made. The green curry was a close second. The Gentleman Caller made this delicious cashew chicken as well. 

If you're the kind of bird that likes to see photos of food, scary knives, and veggies piled up just so, click over to Mind the Ramp!

I've made myself so hungry!!


Style Journey said…
Yum! Pad thai is one of my favorites!
Laura Go said…
SOOOOO DELICIOUS. I took an Asian cooking class in my last year of undergrad kind've just like as a stress reliever. And I learned soooo much about Thai cooking, but can never seem to find the right ingredients here!
♥ laura
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